"I'm certainly glad I got as good an outcome as I did.... Thank you for all of the effort you put into your work for me."

   -Unsolicited message from client: Criminal court and civil matter - my client faced possibility of very lengthy jail stay, plus many other severe consequences.

"Thanks Trish! You made a huge impression on me...one of the first adults who ever made me feel like I could actually just be me and that I wasn't 'wrong'.

-Unsolicited message from teen - for privacy, no further detail.

"(To Tricia:)  You are doing a wonderful job! ... I’m happy you are working hard for me...and grateful for the discounts. ...Please keep doing what you are doing.  I’m grateful for you!”

-Unsolicited message from client: Financially struggling unmarried parent seeking full sole custody due to concern that the other parent is not a fit parent.    

"I AM VERY PLEASED WITH YOU...! Thank you for everything!"

   -Unsolicited message from client: Single parent client comment about case preparation work.

"Tricia, I received your statement and two other emails (pertaining to the complex problems). Thank you for those. Yes, I definitely want to continue to hire you and continue an ongoing attorney/client relationship with you. ...I request your help."

-Unsolicited message from client: Lovely mother formerly married quite unhappily (an abusive and very unwholesome sort of relationship).  Her former spouse chooses repeatedly to ‘take her to court’, with ‘money no object’, and 'no end in sight'.

"Hello Tricia! Thank you very much _____ ... I really appreciate you taking the time to send me the email and to comfort me when I spoke to you on the phone. It is great to have someone who understand me and who knew what to do in this kind of situation, I would have been lost if without your help....

"Thank you again for everything, I'm not good with emails, so I hope to speak to you via telephone soon. Have great rest of your weekend! "

-Unsolicited message from law firm client: Middle aged male caught in Twin Cities area police "sting operation" (deliberate police deception) & facing multiple charges including felony level charging. This man has no prior criminal record & understandably is very fearful of all that may unfold now in his life.

"Hello Tricia!

I just want to say thank you very much for helping me with my Motion ______. I was present yesterday in court. Referee _______ re-established my parenting time. Once again, thanks very much. Thanks, ___ "

-Unsolicited message from a repeat client: One and one half years ago, Attorney Dwyer initially represented this man 'fully', IE as 'attorney of record', in a very 'heated' family law court hearing. Just now, Attorney Dwyer performed legal services for this man again, but, this time, in a 'limited scope' legal services manner aimed in part at cost-effectiveness & attorney cost-containment: Attorney Dwyer was of the opinion that this man's legal position seemed to be quite strong & that it would not, in this instance, be unreasonable for this man to choose to appear without Attorney Dwyer & on his own for his day in court. Pursuant to a written 'limited scope' attorney legal services agreement, Attorney Dwyer drafted all of this man's legal work for his court Motion (this man, of course, was responsible for the ultimate final editing to Attorney Dwyer's written legal drafts, & this man then attended court on his own).

Coincidentally, Attorney Dwyer & one of her associate attorneys are performing legal services for this particular client's parent whose legal issues are family law nature but which also involve United States immigration-visa policies & procedures.

"Wonderful!! Thank you, Tricia,I can't wait to hear back!"

-Unsolicited message from present client re. legal document, aimed at being written in a persuasive manner, drafted on behalf of client.

"____ and I are ready and will do our part to prepare for tomorrow.

Again, Thank you for everything. We will hope for the best and prepare for the worst and will pray that we get the outcome we are looking for!

Thank you, Tricia."

-Unsolicited message from present client re. court date set for next morning, in response to 'last minute' guidance from attorney.

"WOW, That's Wonderful! Thanks, Tricia,I really appreciate all your efforts!"


Unsolicited message from judicial staff re. special efforts make for her client.


“Hi Tricia, ....let me know if this route is possible. You're so kind and helpful - I'm grateful to have you on my side."

-Unsolicited message from present client, PTSD/survivor of near-deadly domestic violence (criminal case includes multiple felonies), also terroristic threats, stalking, alcohol & other drug use & untreated mental illness involved, substantial crime victim restitution monies involved, victim impact statement to the Court. Also, family law issues to be addressed in light of strict court order barring any & all direct contact of perpetrator to the survivor.


You are giving me great comfort in these trying times.......thank you doesn't seem like enough.  

I am highly thankful for you, thankful I was able to find your through all.  

I'm so content - I'm able to rest a little better."

-Unsolicited comments from parent of client who is a minor child: This teen faces a multitude of criminal charges, including first degree felony charges. The teen is close to the time for beginning college.

“Tricia, Do you remember me? You helped me last year. When I first phoned you, I was in a really bad place in my life. I want you to know that you helped me to change everything for the better. I am doing much better now. When you met with me, you took special care with me & helped me to begin to see that I had a future & could get beyond what I was facing. You treated me with respect & great understanding & kindness. I trusted you & the outcome in the court was excellent.”

-Unsolicited message from prior college student client who faced very private criminal legal problems (charges)  that jeopardized client’s future (employment, job opportunities, security clearances, ability to pass background check ); mental health issues involved in case issues.

“Good Morning Tricia,  To be quite honest, after ___ and I talked we would rather proceed with you….”

-Entirely unsolicited comment from married couple clients, re. lengthy, complex & protracted complex court issues primarily family law but involving chem' dep', mental illness, 'tough childhood & upbringing': Attorney Dwyer had suggested to clients the possibility of there being a change in lead attorney at the present point in time (juncture of the unfolding case).

"Thank you for everything. You are a wonderful wordsmith and a terrific person. I had done some things that I was deeply ashamed of & you make me feel I could trust you & tell you the truth of all of it. I feel free of that awful sense of shame & 'being all alone' now. Thank you so much. "

-Unsolicited comment from client, post case-closure, myriad of very serious family law and criminal legal issues stemming over years, mental health concerns, alcohol/chemical use.

“We have appreciated the work you have done and ___ and I trust you and feel comfortable with you. We don't want to risk having a bad experience with some other attorney….”   “Thank you for everything Tricia!!”

-Entirely unsolicited comment from client very private legal problems crossing family law & criminal law, drug use & mental health issues involved in case issues.


Thank you for your support. God bless you..."

- Unsolicited comment from parent of minor child client facing complex criminal legal issues.

"I am relieved.Thank you so much."

- Unsolicited comment from client, employment concerns with concomitant criminal legal issues.

"I am so glad that I hired you..."  

-Unsolicited comment from client, family law, domestic violence/abuse, mental health issues and concerns.

"Tricia....I felt very empowered after meeting with you.... Thank you."

-Unsolicited comment from client, criminal law and employment law issues.

"Tricia, Thank you for all this help with my case....Thank you again."

-Unsolicited comment from client whose family law case (a post-divorce/post-decree contested motion) just concluded.

"This is the best news ever. I am so grateful for all you have done for me and my son. ... Thank you so much again."  

-Unsolicited comment from client as to child custody and parenting time issues, mediation issues, abusiveness.

“Tricia, Thank you for your help....I appreciate your guidance on wording and help to make this as peaceful as possible."  

-Unsolicited comment from present client in difficult divorce with child, parenting time and child support issues, mental health issues.

“Thanks for helping me. I love the fact that I have an attorney who ___ and who's willing to stand her ground."

-Unsolicited comment from client, divorce, child custody evaluation.

"I do want you there with me on ____. You've only done right by me so far and I know you'll only continue to do so."

-Unsolicited comment from present client, divorce.

"Thank you for all your hard work, Tricia!"

-Unsolicited comment from client facing DANCO, criminal domestic charge, divorce, protective order (OFP), mental health issues, custody evaluation.

"Tricia, ... You can close my case, that is perfectly fine. Thank you for all of your help..."

-Unsolicited comment upon case closing from 2014 client facing very difficult divorce, complex domestic abuse history, protective order (OFP) trial/contested hearing, harassment issue.

"Tricia,  I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful job you did ... today.  And thank you for all your hard work and effort and willingness to help me.  I don't think I could have found anyone better to represent me."

-Unsolicited from present client with complex and difficult legal issues, multiple areas of law including mental health, employment, unemployment, real estate, civil lawsuit, harassment / order for protection, criminal charge related to mental health issues.

“Tricia, ...Thank you for all of your help."

-Unsolicited comment received upon case file closing from  client facing complex family law issues, divorce, protective order, OFP / harassment, mental health issues.

"Tricia, ...Thanks for making things clear.  Thanks for what you have done....  Thanks again!"

-Unsolicited comment received upon case file closing from client facing family law and criminal law issues, contempt, child support, chemical dependency.

"Tricia, I very much appreciate your help now, and your previous.....  Thank you again."

-Unsolicited comment from long-standing client with 'difficult' and complex post-divorce issues.

"Tricia, ... Thank you again for your help, guidance and support. It is greatly appreciated."

-Unsolicited comment from present client with complex and 'difficult' divorce issues and domestic abuse issues.

"Tricia, ..I do thank you for your help. I do know that if I had not gone to court, he would have gotten away with ____"

-Unsolicited comment from client (after case closing) with complex post-divorce decree legal issues as to child support and parenting time.

"Hi Tricia, Thanks ... I very much appreciate all the work you've done until this point.  I am especially grateful for your candor, compassion, and attention to detail in advising me on the ...  You have been the most helpful attorney with whom I have worked, and my top choice should I need further consultation."

Unsolicited comment from present client with complex and 'difficult' post-divorce legal issues.

“Ms. Dwyer is the most above-board and cost-effective lawyer I know.”

-Unsolicited endorsement from client facing very ‘difficult divorce’, end of relationship – case issue included fraud, deception, misleading the court, threatening behavior.